4 Ways to Keep the Selling Process Enjoyable

If the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of selling your home is the stress that comes with the potential workload, you are not alone. However, it does not have to be that way. There are many ways to add some excitement, and even a sense of adventure to the selling process.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Plan a fun activity or even try something new while your house is being shown. It could be as simple as going for a walk or a sports activity with your family. If you have already purchased a new home, explore the new neighbourhood.
  2. Decluttering is usually looked at as a chore. Instead of thinking of it as a requirement for your sale, think of how comfortable your home will be once its completed. Many studies have shown that less clutter reduces stress and increases a sense of well-being.
  3. Celebrate achievements in the selling process. For example, when you are finished preparing your property for sale, go out to celebrate. Make a list of goals and how you will celebrate each one.
  4. You do not need to do it all alone. Much of the stress of selling is the expected work involved. Get help where you need it. Professionals and contractors can handle a lot of what needs to be done.


There are many other ways to make selling your home a positive and stress-free experience. Give us a call if you would like more ideas and suggestions.