Are Good Listing Photos Important?

There are two trends impacting real estate photography that you should know about if you are thinking of selling.

First, with the use of the MLS system and other Real Estate websites, buyers are relying on pictures to decide whether view a home in person. They expect to be able to go online and “tour” your home via the photography. If they do not form a good impression of your home from the photos, there is a good chance they could lose interest in your listing.

Second, everyone is a photographer these days! Almost everyone has a phone with a camera, and many think they can take decent pictures themselves. Unfortunately, taking a “decent picture” is not good enough.

Your listing photos need to accomplish a lot. They must:

  • give buyers the information they need: layout, views, details, etc;
  • showcase the most enticing features of your home;
  • communicate the functionality, spaciousness and style of each room;
  • provide a sense of what it is going to be like to live there; and, much more.

In short, great listing photos help sell your property. When you consider that these pictures are often the first impression buyers get of your home, you can understand how important they are. Think of it this way. If better listing photos encourage just five percent more buyers to schedule a viewing, that could result in a faster sale at a higher price.

So, don’t leave listing photos to chance. There is an art and science to taking them.