Is Getting into your “Dream” Neighbourhood Possible?

Is there a neighbourhood you drive through from time to time and think, “Wow. I’d love to live here.”?

Why is this just a thought? Maybe you think getting into that neighbourhood isn’t feasible right now.

Perhaps you are worried about the prices of the homes or the lack of homes for sale in that area. Maybe there is some other reason, such as the possibility of higher mortgage payments.

Of course, those are all valid concerns. But why not find out if those concerns would actually hold you back?

For example, if you’re wondering whether you can afford a home in that neighbourhood, you can find that out with a reasonable degree of certainty. You can:

  • Get an assessment of the current market value of your home.
  • Find out the average selling price of homes in the neighbourhood.
  • Calculate what you’d be able to put down on a new home.
  • Find out what mortgage you would need and what your payments would be.

Once you’ve taken a closer look at the actual numbers, you might discover that a nice home in your desired neighbourhood is within reach.

So, get the facts you need instead of assuming you can’t get into the neighbourhood you want. The fact might be, you can!

Call today if you’d like to explore that possibility. We can help you get the facts you need.