Maximizing a Small Garden’s Charm for Buyers

If you have even a tiny backyard garden, you can count on some buyers taking
an interest in it – especially those who love to garden! So, it pays to make it
look as enchanting as possible. Here are tips for doing just that:

  • Create a focal point. Every garden needs a star. A small water feature,
    a striking plant, or an elegant statue can draw eyes and underscore
    your garden’s potential.
  • Go vertical. Height tricks the eye into seeing more space. Use trellises
    or wall-mounted planters to grow upwards. This not only saves ground
    space but also adds an intriguing visual layer that can make even the
    tiniest of gardens feel lush.
  • Pops of colour. Bright flowers or striking foliage can make your garden
    memorable. However, don’t overcrowd; choose a few vibrant plants to
    sprinkle through the garden, offering a spectrum of hues.
  • Furnish smartly. A small bench or chair invites potential buyers to
    envision relaxing moments. But remember, proportion is paramount —
    avoid bulky items that can make the space feel cluttered.
  • Keep it tidy. Weeds and overgrown plants make a small garden look
    neglected. Create an impression of a well-cared-for backyard space.
    The goal is to ensure a small garden adds yet another desirable feature to
    your home.