Open House

An Open House can be an exciting event to attend. It can also be overwhelming when it is busy and full of other potential buyers. In this type of situation it can be easy to forget to ask key questions about the property.

Here are some questions to consider,

  • What is the age of the roof and windows?
  • How old is the furnace, air conditioner and other HVAC equipment?
  • What is excluded from the sale? (Appliances, light fixtures, window coverings.)
  • Are there any issues that impact the full use of the property? (Ex: Shared driveway)
  • Are there any repairs or maintenance that need to be completed?
  • What are some features and amenities of the neighbourhood? (Transportation, traffic, schools, safety etc.)

Open Houses are a great way to sample multiple properties and then choose to come back with your Realtor for an extended viewing. If you find a home you love, take the time to ask the important questions, review all the facts and we can help guide you through the decision process carefully.

Have questions about Open Houses or want more tips on property inquiries? Call today.