“Wood” Flooring

When it comes to flooring selecting what type of “wood” you want in your home can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider so we have compiled some pros and cons to help you make your decision easier.


Solid wood is exactly as it sounds, milled solid pieces of lumber. Engineered hardwood is a thin layer of real wood bonded together with plywood. Solid wood can be sanded and refinished multiple times whereas engineered hardwood might only be able to be sanded down once due to its thinner layer.

Pros- Strong and durable, if cared for properly hardwood is long lasting and can be sanded and refinished. Hardwood is generally viewed as more prestigious than the other “wood” flooring options and adds value in resale.

Cons- Scratches and dents easier than other flooring and is typically the more expensive option.


Laminate flooring is essentially a printed image of hardwood laminated to a particleboard or MDF.

Pros: Laminate is scratch resistant and easy to clean making it a great option for homes with pets or kid friendly places such as a playroom. It is also easy to install and at a lower price point then solid hardwood.

Cons: Moisture can swell laminate flooring causing it to need replacement. Due to the lower price point it is generally valued lower when it comes to resale.


A piece of vinyl that has a printed photo of wood dyed into it. Unlike the vinyl tile flooring we have come to know; vinyl planks are much thicker and made into different lengths and widths and with texture that mimics the look of real wood.

Pros: Vinyl plank flooring has been modernized over the years to look more and more like real hardwood. It has a similar installation to laminate and is generally cheaper than hardwood. It is extremely durable and easy to maintain being water resistant and, in some cases, even waterproof making it great for high traffic areas.

Cons: It is difficult to replace damaged planks and although vinyl has become a popular flooring option, hardwood is still considered more prestigious during resale.